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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

fuckinholiday :|

yea it was a FuckinHoliday for me :|
well , i thought my family and i will have a trip to somewhere D:
no vacation at all D:
but it's okay . i still have him  ♥
he accompany me all the time when i get bored :D

Jason Ong Foh Ming , my second little brother 
He have a safe trip with Elvin Wong going to KK 4days 3night D:
he told me that he meet her girlfriend there ;D
COOL HUH ?! watch movie and shopping .
okay , just enjoy you time with your girl 
and you DUMP your best-friend alone ?
poor Elvin Wong D;
and HELL !
you guys both buy a pair of SUPRA back home ?

Ming = Blue Yellow
Elvin = Black White 

Congratulation you guys back with empty wallet ;D

and thanks alot for this RED HELLOKITTY wallet .
i appreciate it 
i had alot hello kitty stuff because of you ming and ahheng ;D


04-June-2011 ( Saturday ) 
TAMOI , swimming mode

aww ~ i saw my cute sister there too D;
Arvie , Kinda and Lizel 

i spent my saturday in a pool with them ;D
and thanks to the photographer my baby :)
nice shoot hubby 
 i can see the happiness through this capture   


05-June-2011 ( Sunday )
Cindy Lim Li Zhen 18th birthday party 
Dovist 1st Floor Fajar .

Happy Birthday Bebeh ;D
may you wish come true and stay pretty 

sweet couple 

i do love her as my little sister 

I do love him as my husband 

Don't try to take away him from me !
i promise i will drink your blood and eat your human meat by myself 
i PROMISE that , BITCH o0o 


this week my babyboy had a basketball competiton ;D
they win 5 match and lose 1 match
but they still can't in semi final and final .
weird right ? and i also don't know why ?!

 always do support him 
RARW babyboy \m/


09-June-2011 ( Thursday )

He sick and feel unwell =(
Flue + Fever  

Damn you SICKNESS !
go away please o0o

He fall in sleep infront of my laptop while i'm blogging .
so i'm captured him ;D

This few days we're busy in practice-ing dance D:
Two performance we gonna handle it with different song .
practice make prefect  < Jessie slogan 

okay , it's night now . i still wanna do my assignment D:
tomorrow gonna past up to my teacher .
gonna meet my teacher in her shop tomorrow morning .
 well , i'm gonna stop here . TTYL 

we're funny sometimes 

iloveyouahheng ;D

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  1. :) sweet couple ever..
    hmm ,
    reminds me of someonee :') .