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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

fuckinholiday :|

yea it was a FuckinHoliday for me :|
well , i thought my family and i will have a trip to somewhere D:
no vacation at all D:
but it's okay . i still have him  ♥
he accompany me all the time when i get bored :D

Jason Ong Foh Ming , my second little brother 
He have a safe trip with Elvin Wong going to KK 4days 3night D:
he told me that he meet her girlfriend there ;D
COOL HUH ?! watch movie and shopping .
okay , just enjoy you time with your girl 
and you DUMP your best-friend alone ?
poor Elvin Wong D;
and HELL !
you guys both buy a pair of SUPRA back home ?

Ming = Blue Yellow
Elvin = Black White 

Congratulation you guys back with empty wallet ;D

and thanks alot for this RED HELLOKITTY wallet .
i appreciate it 
i had alot hello kitty stuff because of you ming and ahheng ;D


04-June-2011 ( Saturday ) 
TAMOI , swimming mode

aww ~ i saw my cute sister there too D;
Arvie , Kinda and Lizel 

i spent my saturday in a pool with them ;D
and thanks to the photographer my baby :)
nice shoot hubby 
 i can see the happiness through this capture   


05-June-2011 ( Sunday )
Cindy Lim Li Zhen 18th birthday party 
Dovist 1st Floor Fajar .

Happy Birthday Bebeh ;D
may you wish come true and stay pretty 

sweet couple 

i do love her as my little sister 

I do love him as my husband 

Don't try to take away him from me !
i promise i will drink your blood and eat your human meat by myself 
i PROMISE that , BITCH o0o 


this week my babyboy had a basketball competiton ;D
they win 5 match and lose 1 match
but they still can't in semi final and final .
weird right ? and i also don't know why ?!

 always do support him 
RARW babyboy \m/


09-June-2011 ( Thursday )

He sick and feel unwell =(
Flue + Fever  

Damn you SICKNESS !
go away please o0o

He fall in sleep infront of my laptop while i'm blogging .
so i'm captured him ;D

This few days we're busy in practice-ing dance D:
Two performance we gonna handle it with different song .
practice make prefect  < Jessie slogan 

okay , it's night now . i still wanna do my assignment D:
tomorrow gonna past up to my teacher .
gonna meet my teacher in her shop tomorrow morning .
 well , i'm gonna stop here . TTYL 

we're funny sometimes 

iloveyouahheng ;D

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bored :|

Yups ! 
i do love him so much :)
He changes my life and everything .
Today was our 10 months and 2 days  
Nothing special . 
as usual .
meet everyday and play basketball everyday :)
we spent our time with play basketball and dota .
he says , who say girl can't play dota well ? and i'm the one girl who play dota well .
he says :)

 Girlfriend blame their Boyfriend always get busy on their DOTA everyday .
but i'm nope :| because i choose to play with him almost everyday .
it's hard to play starting but at last nope .
because your beloved will teach you .
you may recognized all the step that he teach you right ?

if in Malay version  , DOTA got other meaning :)
wanna know ? Miiyako teach you :D

D  = Dunia
O  = Orang
T   = Tiada
A  = Awek

See ?!
" Be a DOTA player's "
you should not to have boyfriend / girlfriend  in your whole life
Funny Huh ?!


4days left was my 17th birthday coming , i plan to had a birthday party at Executive Hotel before , but my dad cancelled it . because my dad wanna bought me a new laptop : | i'm not so interested about it . even iphone . NO ! i just wanna had my birthday party back . but still not allowed by my dad . what can do ? so maybe i just invited some of my basketball friend and best sister to going out have a dinner with me . small party means :)  about my boyfriend ? well , my dad decided to bring ahheng and my family had a dinner together too . but still confused :| my dad told me that , he will make a big big party when i reach my 18th birthday party but not now . i'm a mixed blood , my mom is Philippine . in Philippine rules , if their daughter reach 18teen , they will make a big big party for their daughter :) in Philippines it's called DEBUT party =D
18teen ? oh my gosh , i'm still young to be old . hmmm :| 

i do love this dress so much .
black & white 

thanks alot ahheng for bought me this  ;)

p/s : everything ready . but party cancelled :|
i cry whole night yesterday night , but now i'm okay :|
 --- SKIP ! SKIP ! SKIP !---

iphone or laptop ? i don't care ! i care about my lessen and car only :)
Myvi or Perdana ? not my bussiness :| ahheng gonna choose one and bought them home :)

17teen years old now , my mum always scold me cause i'm still had a childish thinking and childish attitude .
mummy want me to be mature and learn how to independent . hell yeah , come on . i still wanna have fun , girl just wanna have fun :)  but can't too over :| i still wanna sit for my SPM , A+ everyone's wanted to get A marks for their future , me too . but i'm not greedy ! i just wanted my Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Inggeris get A+ enough :) math ? i think failed -__- i do hate math . 1 plus 1 equal 2 = He and Me 

Hahahaha , i'm speechless now . feel boring and i miss him so much , omg . i hope we can meet later :)

for all my facebook and blogger friend :)
miiyako sayang dan cinta kamu 

please do visit my blog and share :)
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lee choi hing , iloveyoumore 

Friday, May 6, 2011

unbelievable :(

i don't hate you ,
i'm just disappointed you turned into
everything you said ,
you'd never be .

she finally gave up 
she dropped the fake smile , as a tear ran down to her check 
and she whisperd to herself
" i cant do this anymore " 

well , here's the story began... 9months and 20days we had been together today... 
something was happen right now and i don't know why , why you still not going turn over your attitude ?
it's hard for you to changes ? or that was your natural attitude ? i really can't understand why ?
every-time i used to forgive you easily and forget all the things what you done wrong before .
i used to understanding and try to understand what going on right now ? 
just now when we had a big fight in-front of your house , you act NOTHING at all , what the fuck ?
did you respect me as your girlfriend ? NO ! you're not , you just like a type of shit for me right now .
just now , when i ask you , why did you lie me ? why you always lie me ? can you be honest to me ?
did you know what you doing ? you just like a fool , sit there and shut your mouth up . WTF?!
did you take our relationship seriously ? or you just kind of boring or something else ?

HEY , i'm not your EX , okay ?! please open your eye bigly and see , i'm different than your EX .
they said , you had a bad temper , so ? how about me ? we're same . sometimes , you choose to slap me, punch me and sometimes we will beat each other until get hurt . so ? at least , from now on i can feel the pain and will not going get hurt anymore . just now , i know you wanted to slap me again , but don't know why you suddenly pull your hand off ? what's matter ? you realized that you always slap me ? Hey , congratulation if you realized it and i don't care :| 

they said , easy come and easy go . Hmmm , i'm agree :) 
sometimes if you really feel it , you will know this meaning deeply .
appreciate what we have now , true love not easy to find , it will appear when you're ready to be love :)
God love was unlimited .

whispers to god . . .
Dear god please give me some strength to be tough and not easily give up ,  help me to find a new way to make myself more comfortable . amen .

whispers to him . . .
Dear LCH , thanks for those love and care . i appreciate it :) may god bless you and let you get a better life 
for future . iloveyou & imissyou . 

whispers to myself . . .
Dear OHL , well . it's gonna over now . everything will be okay and fine :) be tough and not easily give up . do the best for your future . p/s : iheartyou , LCH 

Well , it's end now for my story . . . i was tired enough : |
good night all and iloveyouguys 

Thanks for reading and viewing :)
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Friday , 06 May , 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

almost died :/

Hello semua , assamualaikum . aku hampir mati / meningal dunia pada isnin lalu minggu ini 02.05.2011 .
hampir jak . begini cerita , actually kami ni nak g tamoi swimming :/ apabila sampai tamoi , opsss . pekerjanya cuti and kolam renang tuu mo dicuci , apalah . -__- so my lil cute YEIN pun cadangkan la g taliwas , lembah danum . tanpa memikir panjang , kami pun g lah , kami g isi minyak kereta dulu pastu hujan² pandu keta OTW mau g taliwas . sebelum sampai , kami singah lah gerai depan simpang masuk taliwas tuu , kami belilah mamam untuk picnic konon : | after that , perjalanan yang panjang sampai lah juak , apabila samapi . kami terjumpa ada sekeluarga yang OTW mengemas balik rumah , kononnya hujan . bahaya . pastu ada lah pak cik tanya , adik semua mau g mana ? kami pun reply , kami mo g berenang ni , pastu . pak cik tu baik hati , dia bagi kami AMARAN laah , klo dengar ada OMBAK sungai yang kuat cepat cepat lari ke atas ya . sebab air sungai mengalir DERAS dari atas bukit , apalagi hujan² lebat sebegini , kami bah DEGIL and jawab , YA pak cik . terima kasih ya . pastu , trus kami turun sungai tuu . sungai tuu dibawah jambatan . YEIN cakap jangan buat bising , tempat orang kan , so hormat la . kan ctu banyak hantu . so hormat la juak dowank kan ? so kami pun kurang la bising . after 1hour half kami berenang , then tiba² ( aishah > tukang gaji ahheng ) dia teriak LARI !! ada ombak !! terus ahheng peluk adik kecilnya bernama yenyen ama meimei lari ke atas bukit . meiling adik yang pertama dan aishah pun selamat lari ke atas bukit . but ME and JESSIE tak sempat . so terpaksa la manjat batu bata disekeliling sungai tuu , did you guys know ? those batu bata penuh dengan LUMUT dan LINTAH ?! apa boleh buat panjat je la , sebenarnya , klo bukan jessie , mungkin saya sudah mati dihanyut oleh air sungai yang deras itu . sekelip mata jak , sungai tuu mcm jadi laut , ada duit kami , pakaian kami , beg kami yang hilang gara² tak sempat menyelamatkan . at here , i want thanks sangat kepada JESSIE , sebab menyelamatkan saya . kalao that time , im alone . maybe . im gone for selama-lamanya di depan mata ahheng , yein , jessie , yenyen , meimei , meiling dan aishah . 

but aku bersyukur sebab dowank pun selamat . that time i tak da panic langsung , i keep pray & pray ~ whispers to god that we need help , we in trouble . kami nak selamatkan diri kami , so jessie pun suruh saya manjat batu-bata itu satu demi satu , aku dengar cakap , and tak panic langsung , aku dengar cakap dia perlahan² pijak batu-bata itu satu langkah ke satu langkah . then tiba-tiba ! BASSSSHHHH ! aku terjatuh turun , cikit jessie tarik tangan ku , klo tidak ........ air sungai akan membawa saya pergi tuk slama-slamanya :(
HAMPIR , aku tak da nangis , tak da teriak . sebab time tuu saya sudah berdoa saya sudah bersedia untuk mati kalo saya tak boleh diselamatkan , saya berdoa klo saya mati di depan DORANG , saya tak harap ia akan menjadi mimpi buruk mereka , and i pray about my family . hope they will always remember me as their foster daughter ( anak angkat ) and last , ahheng . aku mintak maaf , sebab aku mati dulu dan tinggalkan korang and i pray that , only you i love and care most , no other . time tuu , aku dengan ahheng berjauhan betul . jauh yang cam mana ? saya di tebing sungai , dia di sebelah tebing sungai , jauh tak ? 

sampai sekarang , saya masih meingatkan perkara buruk ini , im sorry to yein . sebab susahkan kamu :( but thanks for saving my life . Disini , saya nak terima kasih kepada YEIN and AHHENG , sebab dorang berdua telah selamatkan nyawaku dan nyawa jessie :) ahheng ama yein merentas hutan² di belakang batu-bata itu dan selamatkan kami berdua . THANKS sangat² ~ GOD BLESS US ! but badan kami berempat penuh dengan LINTAH , OMGosh -___- ! punya banyak lintah melekat . tapi tak apalah , kami selamat juga :)

p/s : pengajaran untuk kita , janganlah mandi manda dekat sungai time² hujan dan dengarlah cakap orang tua sebelum terkena padahnya : |