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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bored :|

Yups ! 
i do love him so much :)
He changes my life and everything .
Today was our 10 months and 2 days  
Nothing special . 
as usual .
meet everyday and play basketball everyday :)
we spent our time with play basketball and dota .
he says , who say girl can't play dota well ? and i'm the one girl who play dota well .
he says :)

 Girlfriend blame their Boyfriend always get busy on their DOTA everyday .
but i'm nope :| because i choose to play with him almost everyday .
it's hard to play starting but at last nope .
because your beloved will teach you .
you may recognized all the step that he teach you right ?

if in Malay version  , DOTA got other meaning :)
wanna know ? Miiyako teach you :D

D  = Dunia
O  = Orang
T   = Tiada
A  = Awek

See ?!
" Be a DOTA player's "
you should not to have boyfriend / girlfriend  in your whole life
Funny Huh ?!


4days left was my 17th birthday coming , i plan to had a birthday party at Executive Hotel before , but my dad cancelled it . because my dad wanna bought me a new laptop : | i'm not so interested about it . even iphone . NO ! i just wanna had my birthday party back . but still not allowed by my dad . what can do ? so maybe i just invited some of my basketball friend and best sister to going out have a dinner with me . small party means :)  about my boyfriend ? well , my dad decided to bring ahheng and my family had a dinner together too . but still confused :| my dad told me that , he will make a big big party when i reach my 18th birthday party but not now . i'm a mixed blood , my mom is Philippine . in Philippine rules , if their daughter reach 18teen , they will make a big big party for their daughter :) in Philippines it's called DEBUT party =D
18teen ? oh my gosh , i'm still young to be old . hmmm :| 

i do love this dress so much .
black & white 

thanks alot ahheng for bought me this  ;)

p/s : everything ready . but party cancelled :|
i cry whole night yesterday night , but now i'm okay :|
 --- SKIP ! SKIP ! SKIP !---

iphone or laptop ? i don't care ! i care about my lessen and car only :)
Myvi or Perdana ? not my bussiness :| ahheng gonna choose one and bought them home :)

17teen years old now , my mum always scold me cause i'm still had a childish thinking and childish attitude .
mummy want me to be mature and learn how to independent . hell yeah , come on . i still wanna have fun , girl just wanna have fun :)  but can't too over :| i still wanna sit for my SPM , A+ everyone's wanted to get A marks for their future , me too . but i'm not greedy ! i just wanted my Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Inggeris get A+ enough :) math ? i think failed -__- i do hate math . 1 plus 1 equal 2 = He and Me 

Hahahaha , i'm speechless now . feel boring and i miss him so much , omg . i hope we can meet later :)

for all my facebook and blogger friend :)
miiyako sayang dan cinta kamu 

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lee choi hing , iloveyoumore 

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