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Friday, May 6, 2011

unbelievable :(

i don't hate you ,
i'm just disappointed you turned into
everything you said ,
you'd never be .

she finally gave up 
she dropped the fake smile , as a tear ran down to her check 
and she whisperd to herself
" i cant do this anymore " 

well , here's the story began... 9months and 20days we had been together today... 
something was happen right now and i don't know why , why you still not going turn over your attitude ?
it's hard for you to changes ? or that was your natural attitude ? i really can't understand why ?
every-time i used to forgive you easily and forget all the things what you done wrong before .
i used to understanding and try to understand what going on right now ? 
just now when we had a big fight in-front of your house , you act NOTHING at all , what the fuck ?
did you respect me as your girlfriend ? NO ! you're not , you just like a type of shit for me right now .
just now , when i ask you , why did you lie me ? why you always lie me ? can you be honest to me ?
did you know what you doing ? you just like a fool , sit there and shut your mouth up . WTF?!
did you take our relationship seriously ? or you just kind of boring or something else ?

HEY , i'm not your EX , okay ?! please open your eye bigly and see , i'm different than your EX .
they said , you had a bad temper , so ? how about me ? we're same . sometimes , you choose to slap me, punch me and sometimes we will beat each other until get hurt . so ? at least , from now on i can feel the pain and will not going get hurt anymore . just now , i know you wanted to slap me again , but don't know why you suddenly pull your hand off ? what's matter ? you realized that you always slap me ? Hey , congratulation if you realized it and i don't care :| 

they said , easy come and easy go . Hmmm , i'm agree :) 
sometimes if you really feel it , you will know this meaning deeply .
appreciate what we have now , true love not easy to find , it will appear when you're ready to be love :)
God love was unlimited .

whispers to god . . .
Dear god please give me some strength to be tough and not easily give up ,  help me to find a new way to make myself more comfortable . amen .

whispers to him . . .
Dear LCH , thanks for those love and care . i appreciate it :) may god bless you and let you get a better life 
for future . iloveyou & imissyou . 

whispers to myself . . .
Dear OHL , well . it's gonna over now . everything will be okay and fine :) be tough and not easily give up . do the best for your future . p/s : iheartyou , LCH 

Well , it's end now for my story . . . i was tired enough : |
good night all and iloveyouguys 

Thanks for reading and viewing :)
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Friday , 06 May , 2011

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